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6-week Recovery Wellness Program

The Recovery852 Wellness Programme is a 21-day outpatient programme, which has been developed using adult education, group and recovery coaching. Clients are encouraged to attend the core programme for three weeks, after which the individual will be given the option of doing another 3 weeks. Clients will learn practical tools and techniques for setting long-term goals and developing short-term strategies within the areas of:

Health and wellness


Personal Development and self Empowerment


Emotional Intelligence

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We provide referral to affordable, registered and ethical residential rehab facilities around the world. We have well established trusted, long standing relationships with our partners. We have sent many clients to rehab overseas who have struggled with chemical dependance and process addictions like sex, food and gambling. Please click here to learn more on how we can assist you or a loved one who requires residential treatment.

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Family Wellness Program

The family programme provides family and significant others with the vital tools and knowledge so that they can learn to stop enabling and loving “detach” from the chaos, conflict and crises that comes from an individuals destructive and harmful behaviour by creating healthy boundaries.

At Recovery852 we believe that addiction is family issue and its equally important for the family to get into recovery and wellness as it is for the individual acting out their addiction. To find out more on how we can support you please visit this page.

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Recovery Wellness Retreats

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“Recovery Bay”, Hong Kong

Our retreats are ideally suited individuals who cannot take extended time off due to work or family commitments. We hold the retreats on Lantau Island so people do not have to travel abroad or long distances they can stay in Hong Kong. We have affectionately called the beach “Recovery Bay” simply because we have seen so many people move into a culture of recovery and wellness.

Our bespoke recovery retreats provide the opportunity for clients to work one on one with our facilitator. The typical 4-day schedule is intense the day starts at 6am and is divided into 4 sessions early morning, mid-morning, afternoon and evening lights are out at 10pm. We also do 7-day retreats for further information about our retreats and how we can help you please click here

“I highly recommend both the residential retreat, where we conducted intensive stepwork, as well as the 6-week continued aftercare program. Recovery852’s programs are particularly well-tailored to help working professionals gain confidence in their newfound recovery and re-enter their existing responsibilities while balancing their commitment to recovery.”

– Virginia | Lawyer

Interventions and Sober Escorting

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Recovery852 does professional interventions in and around Hong Kong we closely with with families, significant others, employers and friends of individuals who are in need of urgent help. We intervene where the is major concern relating to a persons physical and metal well-being as a direct result of prolonged and excessive substance abuse. To learn more how how we can support contact us

Sober Escorting

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Door to door

Sober Escorting is where we safely escort a client to rehab we have done several successful trips without any problems. This service is for individuals who are at high risk of absconding or acting out whilst on their way to treatment. We offer a door to door service we can pick people up from hospitals, prisons, police stations and homes. We ensure that clients have a safe journey to their treatment centre of choice. Our packages are reasonable and we invite you to discover more on how we can assist you. Contact us

Recovery Coaching

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Recovery coaching is new to Hong Kong and it provides an affordable and effective alternative service to clients who need ongoing support. We prefer “wellness coaching” because coaching is for anyone who is committted to changing any behaviour, attitude or an old belief system.

We coach anyone not just people with substance abuse or process addictions but also individuals who are experiencing family, financial and relationship issues. Many people out there are not content with where their lives are heading. There is so much uncertainty and tension in our world and we help people look within so they can change themselves. Recovery852 invites you to reach out now and start a conversation! To read more about recovery or wellness coaching please visit this page

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We provide aftercare for people who have completed any type of rehab whether it be residential or outpatient treatment. We completely understand the stress of not having to return to daily life. With no outside support coupled with the pressures from friends and old acquaintances along with settling back into an old apartment can be a trigger that can result in lapse or relapse not old destructive behaviours.

Recovery852 provides a comprehensive 6-week aftercare programme for any individual faced with these pressures and challenges. The first 3 months after any form of rehab is a critical time for everyone involved. Our programme provides clients with the crucial support, guidance and accountability so they can adjust and get on with their lives. Reach out to us today to explore how we can best assist you in building a strong and solid foundation. To learn more about our aftercare programme please contact us.