We have compiled a series of frequently asked questions that we think may be helpful. These questions have come from years of experience in the field. In the event of you not finding your question please get in touch with us.

What is rehab?

Rehab is short for rehabilitation this essentially is residential care that can last anywhere between 28 days to 90 days.

Do I need to remain abstinent during the 6-week outpatient program?

Yes, clients are required to remain abstinent during the 6-week program.

Will I get refunded for any of your services?

No, we have a no refund policy.

What is the difference between rehab and your residential retreats?

Rehab is when the individual goes abroad for either 30, 60 or 90 days. Rehab is a secure medical facility which has detox facilities with doctors and nurses on site. Rehab offers a structured evidence-based programme clients have group and individual sessions along with additional workshops and lectures. Rehab also offers other support groups. Our retreats in Hong Kong do not offer detox nor do we have resident doctors and nurses. Depending on the situation we can arrange for a registered nurse to come but this rarely happens. The retreat is one to one and is tailored made for the client there are no workshops or lectures. Retreats have been popular with clients who cannot go abroad for extended periods of time due to family or work constraints. The retreat is short and intense and we have seen many find lasting peace.

What if I use a mind-altering substance once I join one of your programs?

We take each case on an individual basis.

Will I get refunded if the intervention doesn’t work?

Despite having a very high success rate regarding interventions we do not refund if it is unsuccessful.

Do you offer medical services?

No, we do not offer medical services but we do have a network of preferred partners with whom we deal with. Should medical services be warranted we will refer the client.

What makes Recovery852’s programme or services different from others?

We have been helping people for a long time the core team are in recovery from either one or multiple addictions themselves, so they are genuinely able to understand and are empathetic. Our programme offers clients an opportunity to get down to causes and conditions by applying evidence-based theoretical models. Unlike other programmes and services we also use elements of the ACT model and the Minnesota Model. We are also competitively priced and offer special packages to people who may be struggling financially. Recovery852 retreats are intimate and effective and we are the only provider currently offering this service in Hong Kong. Recovery852 also does interventions and sober escorting; we work closely with other professionals, this is something else that sets us apart from our competitors. We believe that recovery from addictive behaviours should be accessible for all and we try our level best to do that.

Can I claim from my medical aid?

It depends on your policy and your cover. We have dealt with a few leading insurance companies but it really does depend on your policy and also the insurance company.

Why should I choose Recovery852?

We are reasonably priced, we are completely committed to helping you. We genuinely care more about you than figures. Most of our facilitators and coaches are in recovery from addiction themselves. We don’t just learn from books we have the vital first-hand experience to help you. We do not report to shareholders. Compassion, integrity, and perseverance are our values.

Do I need a visa?

If you are coming to Hong Kong no you do not need a visa. The countries our partners are in have “medical visas” please contact us for more information will be more than happy to assist you.

What is an intervention?

Intervention is a professionally directed, education process resulting in a face-to-face meeting of family members, friends and/or employer with the person in trouble with alcohol and/or drugs. People who struggle with addiction are often in denial about their addiction and the consequences it is having on them and the people around them, many are unwilling to seek treatment. Our job is lay out the facts and encourage them to get the professional help they need.

How long are your retreats?

There are two retreats one is four days and the other is seven days. We do offer tailor-made retreats should you wish to learn more please contact us.

How does the 6-week program work?

The six-week wellness outpatient program is for clients who are unable to go away to rehab. Our six-week program runs regularly and it is designed in such a way that clients can focus on their recovery and also continue to honour their commitments whether they be professional or legal. We only take 8 clients at a time. In the event of you missing the start of one you can join the next six-week. The maximum time to wait is 3-weeks and the shortest time is 1-week. Please contact us for further details.

How much do your services cost?

We have a variety of different services as people have different needs. Our services vary we are very reasonably and competitively priced compared to some of the other options available in Hong Kong. We feel that you get value for money we do everything with heart. We don’t have shareholders or other investors to report to. Our packages are very affordable for what we provide. Our clients tell us that it was worth every single cent. Please make an appointment so we can continue the conversation.

Where is the venue where you hold your programs?

All of our programs are held at our office with the exception of residential retreat and rehab.

Do I need to be detoxed before starting the outpatient program or any other of the programs you offer?

Yes, especially if you or you’re significant other is experiencing delirium tremens (DTs) and/or opioid withdrawal. Please contact us for further assistance.

Do you offer psychotherapy and psychiatric services?

No, we do not offer these services but we do have a trusted network of professionals we work closely with. Should these services be required we can refer you to a preferred trusted partner.

How do I get into rehab?

Please contact us we will provide you with all the information you will need. We can arrange it within 8 to 48 hours it depends on your requirements.

What is aftercare?

Aftercare is a well planned and systematic program that is for people who have come back from rehab and who need additional ongoing support. Hong Kong can be a daunting place to return too after being in a safe and protected environment. We help clients readjust we provide them the vital tools and coping strategies that are imperative to getting back into their daily lives. Aftercare helps clients be accountable and plugged into a support network. Addiction isolates people and aftercare is an antidote to that. Some clients join our aftercare program after completing the 6-week outpatient wellness program. We currently one of the very few companies offering this service in Hong Kong.

Do you accept credit cards?

Currently, we do not but we expect to have credit facilities very soon. We accept bank transfer, cheques, and cash.

How does sober escorting work?

There are only addiction recovery service providers that offer this service and we are one of them. We will escort the client safely to their destination. We ensure that there are no relapse, binges or absconding between A and B. We have successfully taken clients to rehabs within the Asia-Pacific region and Africa. The client is required to pay for the escorts flights and accommodation. Billable hours and expertise are built into the overall cost so there are NO hidden costs or charges at all. For further information please visit our services page or reach out to us we will be happy to assist you.

What is the family program?

The family program provides family and significant others with the vital tools and knowledge so that they can stop enabling and loving “detach” from the person who is acting out in their addiction. We believe at Recovery852 that addiction is a family issue and its imperative that the family or significant other gets on the pathway to recovery so that they can live in peace and be caught up less in the chaos, conflict and crisis that active addiction brings. We help families move from chaos, conflict and crisis to a culture of recovery.

Will I be cured of my addiction?

No, but you will be able to live in a recovered state if you stick to and follow the program. One can see like in a remission from other fatal diseases if you take the medicine as prescribed, you will be in a state of recovery it is no different from addiction.

Do you prescribe medicine?

No, we definitely do not prescribe medicine nor do we offer any medical services but we can refer you to one of our trusted preferred partners who are able to provide medical services.

Are your programs evidence-based?

Yes, we use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) along with other models that have been proven effective in treating addiction and other destructive behaviours.

Will I get drug tested once I join one of your programs?

We do testing if there is a request and/or strong suspicion that clients are using continuously. The testing is done at the client’s expense.

Do you have a contract or agreement with clients?

Yes, we do and we also have an Memorandum of Agreement with all our clients. The purpose of this is to outline what our responsibilities as a recovery services provider are and what the clients responsibilities are. We also include the terms of payment and the days and full length of the programme being offered. We firmly believe that transparency and accountability are imperative in building trust and having it in writing helps cement this trust. We also require clients to sign a disclaimer. The MoA is only valid for the duration of the programme.

What is recovery coaching?

Recovery coaching is about empowering people recovery coaching operates within the wellness and positive psychology paradigm and is not an addiction treatment. Essentially, it’s about moving forward in a solutions’-driven, goal-orientated way by helping clients work through guilt, shame, and anger. Recovery coaching is about letting go of the past and embracing forgiveness and learning to live in the present. We help you with long-term goals and short-term plans. We help people move into a state of wellness by creating recovery capital in the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual areas of the individuals life. Our coaches are accredited, qualified and experienced.