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Recovery Coaching is about:

  • Rebuilding recovery capital in the physical, mental, emotional, social & spiritual areas of your life.
  • Developing a personalized recovery plan in line with your unique goals, dreams & aspirations.
  • Setting realizable, long-term goals and developing short-term action plans to achieve them within predetermined time frames.
  • Identifying harmful triggers that could result in lapse or relapse, and learning to deal with these issues in daily life with the use of forward-focused and solutions-driven tools and techniques.
  • Learning about the physiological and neurological elements of substance and behavioural abuse disorders, and what the major causes of addiction.
  • Understanding and challenging faulty, habitual thought patterns & behaviours, and replacing them with improved ways of dealing with potentially difficult situations.
  • Establishing realistic, personal boundaries to build strong, interdependent relationships in your personal and professional life.
  • Finding the answers to your personal truth and living an empowered, authentic life.
  • Working in a collaborative, accountable relationship with a coach to achieve a more balanced, holistic approach to long-term wellness.
  • Creating a safe space to explore possibilities and the availability of personal and community resources to aid sustained recovery.
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David Collins’ Model

Recovery Coaching is not about:

  • Being sick…in the coaching space you are a well person who is best able to develop your recovery plan.
  • Treating addiction…recovery coaching operates within the wellness and positive psychology paradigm and is not addiction treatment.
  • Revisiting and the past and the causes of addiction…it’s about moving forward in a solutions’-driven, goal-orientated way.
  • Being given advice and answers to your questions…you have all the answers you need inside yourself.
  • Being told what to do and how to do it…the long-term goals you choose and short-term plans you make will be your own.
  • Holding onto guilt, shame & anger…it’s about letting go of the past, embracing forgiveness and learning to live in the present.
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How are you maintaining your self care?

Recovery coaching session are an hour long clients will be given assignments and other exercises to do complete between sessions. We suggest a minimum of one to two sessions a week. We offer bundle packages if you are interested in discover more please contact us.

addiction treatment cocaine alcohol abuse recovery coaching