The acronym of H.O.W. stands for honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. Honesty to admit that there may be a problem shows up in different areas; here are a few examples of relationships, finances, health, careers, and the individuals’ own mental and emotional states. Open-mindedness is about being willing to become open to new ideas, new concepts, new practices, essentially becoming teachable and open to a new way of living that is infinitely better. Willingness is willing to do all the above, more importantly, ready to let go, willing to disregard old thought patterns and behaviours that are not working or that are not conducive to ongoing recovery. Willingness is about looking at past hurts, resentments, disappointments, trauma, and fears to build a solid foundation and live in a culture of recovery and wellness.

We have seen from our experience that individuals who attend regular support groups and get professional help do stay in recovery and wellness. We at Recovery852 do not claim that recovery is easy (of course it can be), but many find it challenging, most notably in the beginning. Compared to the pain and suffering active addiction brings, recovery is most certainly the more comfortable, softer way. Our primary purpose is to guide, nurture, and coach the individual, making the navigation process so much easier and achievable.

Recovery essentially is about unlearning and being open to learning and putting new practices and belief systems into practice. Recovery is about reconnecting with self, lack of connection with oneself and others, keeps an individual in chaos, conflict, and crisis. By establishing accountability, consistency, and perseverance, the individual can reconnect and move into recovery and wellness.

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