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We provide tailor-made evidence-based interventions for people struggling with addictive behaviours. Whether it be alcoholism, drug addiction, or process addictions, we help you. Cocaine addiction is a rising problem in Hong Kong. As a result, many of Recovery852’s clients seek help for their alcohol and cocaine addiction.

Alcoholism is also rampant in Hong Kong; we have treated a significant amount of people over the years. Alcohol is available at every convenience store. The same goes for drugs like crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, to name a few. Pharmaceuticals like benzodiazepines and the “benzo’s” are also very common; valium and Xanax are two drugs people seek help to stop taking.

Unfortunately, we also see people mixing these drugs with alcohol and stimulants like cocaine which is hazardous. Mixing these substances can cause blackouts, resulting in people committing crimes like fighting in public, rape, assault, theft, and damage to public and private property. People also miss work, and many neglect their personal and professional obligations and responsibilities. The consequences of addiction ruin people’s lives.

Over the recent years, we have also seen a rise in people using sleeping pills like Ambien (zolpidem). Oxycontin, Percodan, Percocet, Vicodin are other opioid pain relievers used to self medicate. Like alcohol, dealers can deliver these drugs to people’s homes and offices as quickly as any fast food outlet.

We also see clients from the gay community who seek help for chemsex. Chemsex is where people hook up primarily through gay social media apps and then have sex with multiple partners in hotels around the city. Crystal methamphetamine, GHB/GBL, mephedrone, cocaine and ketamine are the primary drugs used to fuel these sex parties.

Recovery852 is where people can get support and assistance. Let us help you or a significant other get help to stop the suffering. We move people from a culture of chaos, conflict and crisis to a culture of wellness and recovery. Recovery is possible, and recovery is available. We are a phone call away. We don’t provide services via a third location. Unlike other counsellors and therapists, Grant Sanders has recovered from addiction himself, so he has personal experience.

Moreover, Grant is a registered and licenced addiction professional. He has the knowledge and qualifications to help people suffering from addiction. Reach out today for a confidential assessment and consultation; we would love to hear from you.

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